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December 11 to 14, at Studio 303, 372 Sainte-Catherine O, Montreal

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December 11th
A conversation on dramaturgies of emergence between Thea Patterson (playwright) and Nate Yaffe (choreographer)
The conversation itself is shaped by the rhizomatic logics of emergence, and so within this framework, which proposes to follow the curiosities, meandering thoughts, concepts and ethics of the process, Thea Patterson and Nate Yaffe will unfold their ongoing collaboration, gently guided by certain key notions and concepts from Patterson’s own ongoing research questions, as these bend, clash, converse and expand through and in the dramaturgical encounter with Nate. Among these questions is the relationship between form and content, the agency of non-human collaborators, how to assist and tend to the emergence of the thing in its form at the moment of its performance. How can the form of what we make also carry the ethics of our manufacturing methods? What is the glow?

December 12th
A discussion on dance creation and community with Alexandra « Spicey » Landé.
« Musicality, integrating other disciplines into choreographic work and building community are just some of the topics that will be discussed during this open conversation. »

December 13
Vulnerability and creation in dance by Kathy Casey.
« Brené Brown defines vulnerability as uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. As a process facilitator, I’m curious about what does and doesn’t leave room for vulnerability. As a playwright, I wonder what vulnerability means in a work. »

December 14th
A freewheeling conversation with Dana Michel about what grabs her attention and why.