Research Workshop

Photo : Montréal Danse

Montréal Danse is constantly reflecting on ways to help choreographers understand and improve their creative process, develop their choreographic skills and identify the particularities of their choreographic approach.

In 2004, the company organized its first research workshop for choreographers seeking a safe and stimulating environment, a place where exchange and reflection are encouraged.

The formula has proved its worth: Montréal Danse’s 16th Research Workshop will take place next December.

This year, choreographers Helen Simard, Bradley Eng, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines and Melissa Raymond will work with facilitators Kathy Casey, Artistic Director of Montréal Danse and Larry Lavender, writer, choreographer and researcher. The program includes an intensive week of research, discussion and choreographic work with experienced and committed dancers.

From December 16 to 20 2019.

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