Parcours Danse

Photo : Montréal Danse

Montréal Danse is proud to present BESIDE, GROUND and Instant Community at the 2019 Parcours Danse Biennale. BESIDE is among the 27 creations selected for official programming based on their artistic quality and touring potential in Quebec, Canada and abroad. GROUND and Instant Community will be presented as part of the Biennale’s off-program.

A major event organized by La Danse sur les routes du Québec, Parcours Danse works closely with artists, companies and presenters to expand the dissemination of dance. This year, the event will have its headquarters at Wilder Espace Danse and will involve many partners to reflect the breadth of Quebec choreographic creation.

Art Circulation, Montreal Danse’s development organization, will present its SATELLITES program in collaboration with the four other member companies, Danse-Cité, maribé – sors de ce corps, MAYDAY and Par B.L. eux.

Come and meet Karolina Rychlik, agent for Europe and Asia, and Frédéric Lapierre, agent for North America, as well as the entire Montreal Danse team during this 17th edition of Parcours Danse.

Instant Community by Peter Quanz, in collaboration with Montréal Danse.
Instant Community looks at fiction, truth and the lure of fabrication. Using the simple magic of our phones and iPads, this immersive work blurs the real and the artificial as nature and bodies are recreated, multiplied, and superimposed on the walls and among the public.
November 26, 9:00 PM, at Circuit-Est, B Studio.

BESIDE by Marie Béland, a MARIBÉ – SORS DE CE CORPS and Montréal Danse co-production.
BESIDE questions the abundance of information that surrounds us daily and the construction of truth, fake news and the role the body can play in the credibility of what is said in the media.
November 27, 7:30 PM, at la Maison de la Culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal.

GROUND by Caroline Laurin-Beaucage, a LORGANISME and Montréal Danse co-production.
A captivating, radical piece proposing a benevolent yet critical look at our human condition.
November 28, 10:00 PM at Circuit-Est, B Studio.
Fôve Diffusion and Nicolas Fillion will be on site representing the show.

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